NECA Alien 40TH Anniversary Wave 1 Packaging Shots Revealed!

NECA reveal the packaging shots for Alien Day

If your a fan of Alien you know that it’s Alien day today is it’s 26th of April which makes up part of the planet’s name from Alien LV426. As Alien day has become more popular over the years NECA anually show some teasers for some of their upcoming products in the Alien line.

Late last year NECA revealed that they would be releasing a series of figures to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alien. Then, earlier today NECA revealed the packaging shots of the figures that would be featured in the first wave. I should mention that these figures will be a Walmart Exclusive in the United States and it’s unclear at the moment how they’ll be available internationally.

As you can see the first wave consists of the Prototype Alien, Ripley and and Dallas in the spacesuit. I should mention that Ripley and Dallas feature the new face printing tech that NECA have been utilizing in some of their latest figures which have had stunning results. I have to say from this shot the likenesses to Sigourney Weaver and Tom Skerrit look a lot stronger than their original releases.

I really do love the packaging for these figures. I love the old school look to the packaging which looks incredibly retro. I would love to get my hands on these aloe just for the packaging itself!

I would absolutely love to get these figures and I hope they’ll be available internationally too.

Author: Samuel Cooper

A passionate action figure collector who's been collecting for nine years. A big fan of NECA, Hasbro, Diamond Select, Mezco & McFarlane Toys

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