Marvel Legends X-Men 20th Anniversary Figures Officially Revealed & Up For Pre-Order

If you may recall at Toy Fair earlier this year Hasbro revealed that they’ll be producing figures based on the Fox Marvel films which was a big surprise to me and the figures looked absolutely fantastic!

Now Hasbro have put up the Fox X-Men figures up for pre-order. It’s unclear at the moment when the Deadpool figures will be put up for pre-order but I don’t think they’ll be that far behind! The first X-Men figures are based primarily based on the original X-Men as well as Apocalypse (I guess with the included McAvoy and Fassbender heads)

I really love the packaging for these figures, especially the silhouettes of the characters on the back that’s a great touch. I’m very pleased that they come with so many accessories as well especially for Wolverine and Mystique as I knew that Professor X and Magneto would come with interchangeable heads.

I’m really impressed with the costume choice for Wolverine as that’s what he wore mostly throughout the original film and I think the likeness to Hugh Jackman is incredible. The likenesses to Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen and Rebecca Romjin are great as well. Hasbro have done an outstanding job on these figures and you can sure bet I would want to add all these figures to my collection as I’m a big fan of the original X-Men films and I would love to see more characters from the film released in future waves down the line…

These figures are scheduled to be released in September or earlier and quite honestly I cannot wait!

Author: Samuel Cooper

A passionate action figure collector who's been collecting for nine years. A big fan of NECA, Hasbro, Diamond Select, Mezco & McFarlane Toys

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