G.I. Joe Classified Collection Snake Supreme Cobra Commander Revealed!

Earlier this week Hasbro revealed a number of new products from their top licenses and one of them and among them they revealed some new G.I. Joe products. The one that they revealed for their 6″ G.I. Joe Classified Collection line; Snake Supreme Cobra Commander.

This figure is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive and it isn’t available internationally yet. Nor has the release date been officially revealed yet. I have to say I really do love the design to this figure of the Cobra Commander as it really pops and has a real pomp and circumstance feel to it which is very fitting for the Cobra Commander!

I really love how the Cobra insignia is used in the costume, especially in the clasps of his cape that’s just genius! The red, gold and black go together very wel and I really love the soft goods cape with the snake pattern on the back and the red inlay on the inside and it looks to have a wire in it too!

As this is an exclusive figure we do get some new accessories such a pistol that fits into his holster, a globe model and a cobra head adorned scepter. He also includes the same sword and interchangeable hands that the original release will come with.

The packaging for this figure is absolutely perfect and looks really regal and I love the inclusion of the throne background being part of the packaging inlay.

As I have said before this is a fantastic looking figure and I would absolutely love to get it and I hope we hear an announcement of when this figure will be released internationally soon!

Author: Samuel Cooper

A passionate action figure collector who's been collecting for nine years. A big fan of NECA, Hasbro, Diamond Select, Mezco & McFarlane Toys

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