NECA SDCC 2020 TMNT Reveals!

As you may be aware SDCC 2020 is completely online this year so all the reveals will be made through social media by various toy companies. NECA have plans to reveal a lot of new products this week. Yesterday which was Tuesday was all their TMNT reveals and today will be Back To The Future and Predator, then on Thursday it’ll be the Horror reveals and then on Friday it’ll be Aliens and other licences.

They revealed a lot of new products for the Turtles Movies, Video Games and the Cartoon series. Here’s a list of what they revealed:


  • Rat King & Vernon Fenwick
  • Krang Android & Mondo Gecko
  • Muckman & Joe Eyeball
  • 1/4 Scale Giant Size Turtles

Video Game:

  • Baxter Stockman Preview


  • TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze Super Shredder Packaging Shots
  • TMNT 1990 Foot Soldier Two Pack
  • TMNT 1990 Oroku Saki & Hamato Yoshi Preview

NECA announced a lot of new figures for their Cartoon TMNT line with some Deluxe figures and some two-packs. I’m a bit too young to remember to the Turtle cartoon so I don’t recognize any of these characters, though I have to say I really do love the designs especially on Muckman. It’s great that NECA are releasing the cartoon TMNT figures in the 1/4 scale and what’s really cool is that the top and bottom of the heads are interchangeable between the four turtles.

For the Videogame line they showed a preview of the Baxter Stockman figure, it’s unpainted at the moment and NECA has said it’ll come with the Giant arm. At this point I should mention that the Cartoon TMNT figures and this one are scheduled to be released later this year or in 2021.

As you can see NECA has alot of plans for the Turtles licence wth all these announcements. We’ve known for quite sometime that we’ll be getting a Super Shredder, but now thanks to these packaging shots we get a good idea of what accessories he’ll come with. In the States this will be a Walmart Exclusive.

You may recall a month or so ago I wrote about the NECA TMNT 1990 Foot Soldier Two-Pack and now NECA has given us an updated look at it and have confirmed that the set will include a weapons rack to display the weapons in your diorama. Again this will be a Walmart Exclusive and hopefully like the Super Shredder it’ll get an international release down the line. The Super Shredder and Foot Soldier Two-Pack are expected to be released in September of this year.

I am very pleased that they have plans to continue the movie line with releasing more characters from the original film. Though it’s unclear at ths time if they’ll just do a figure Oruku Saki or a figure of Hamato Yoshi as well, I would happly pick up both of them and I am very keen to know if they have more plans for the movie line.

Author: Samuel Cooper

A passionate action figure collector who's been collecting for nine years. A big fan of NECA, Hasbro, Diamond Select, Mezco & McFarlane Toys

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