Video Game Recommendations: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

I’m a big fan of Star Wars and I’m quite a big fan of video games and I have to say to a point I was disappointed when the master license for the video games was given to EA and till late 2017 where they’ve only released two games mostly focused on multiplayer. Then at E3 2018 EA officially unveiled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, then at Star Wars Celebration the following year more details and gameplay were unveiled and I was really excited about the game.

Late last year Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was finally released and I bought it shortly after it came out and I wasn’t disappointed and I absolutely loved it! The game is set about six years after the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and you play as a former Jedi padawan Cal Kestis who’s gone into exile and hiding since the Jedi Purge. Though it’s not long till his past catches up with him and gets hunted across the galaxy by the Galactic Empire whilst trying to complete his training and restore the Jedi Order.

I’ll not say anything else about the plot if you haven’t played it yet as the game’s story is fantastic and I absolutely loved it!

The game is a third-person action-adventure game which is a semi-open world game as you can revisit most of the planets you explore in the game once you gain more force powers throughout the game. In the game, you use your lightsaber to fight Imperial forces, bounty hunters, and some other enemies I want to leave as a surprise for those who haven’t played it yet.

The exploration and combat in the game are absolutely fantastic and very intuitive without holding your hand telling you what to do. The progression in gaining more force powers and lightsaber skills feels very natural as it seems Cal is getting more confident in himself. I really do love the combat in the game and wielding the lightsaber is great fun especially as you can shift from fighting with a single-bladed to a double-bladed to dual-wielding two lightsabers!

There are some RPG elements to the game as you can unlock additional force powers and lightsaber skills to buff the skills you already got as well as increasing Cal’s health and other skills. In the game, you’re accompanied by the droid BD-1 who has to be the cutest droid in the Star Wars universe. He helps you hack terminals and boxes and can even help you in combat in the game.

In the game, you can find upgrades for BD-1 to hack other terminals and increase his health canister capacity. Not only that you can find skins for your ship and BD1, Poncho’s and outfits for Cal and most excitingly custom parts for your lightsaber so you can give Cal a really personalized lightsaber which is absolutely awesome, I must have changed my lightsaber a few dozen times throughout my first play through!

The performances in the game are fantastic and the story kept me completely gripped throughout. There’s a lot of easter eggs in this game for Star Wars fans as such as some of the planets you explore. some of the characters you interact with as well as some of the artifacts that you can find as well as some of the cosmetic items being homages to some character costumes in the original trilogy.

Earlier this year Respawn added some new features to the game such as an additional outfit for Cal, as well as a combat arena mode for the game as well as all the lightsaber crystals so you can change the colour of the blade!

The game took me a good 20 or so hours to complete and I had a fantastic time playing it and I’ll definitely play it again to get more of the trophies and to relive the great story again!

Overall this an absolutely excellent game and it’s not too expensive to buy brand new physically and I would highly recommend it.

Author: Samuel Cooper

A passionate action figure collector who's been collecting for nine years. A big fan of NECA, Hasbro, Diamond Select, Mezco & McFarlane Toys

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